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Working with people

IFORAP uses a ‘strengths-based approach’ in all community activities. IFORAP builds upon the inherent skills within individuals and communities, advancing their capacity to build peaceful kinships that provide sustenance in our everyday lives. Healthy individuals, in turn, produce families and communities that have hope and face the future with dignity, self-respect and respect for others. Working in collaboration with existing services and traditional practices, IFORAPs projects amplify local resources.

IFORAP acknowledges the different roles played within a community, encouraging the validation of gender roles, elders, young people, and people with disability. Participation in meaningful roles in one's family, community or workforce creates a sense of self-worth in addition to a sense of belonging.

Working with principle

IFORAP upholds its principles of non-discrimination and equal access to its programs for all individuals or communities. IFORAP is not based in religious ideation nor holds any political affiliation: it is an independently orchestrated organisation.

Working with programs

When individuals or communities work together for a common goal and make use of the resources in ways that benefit all, they build trust and community esteem. Working together provides an avenue through which one can cross social barriers of power, age, status, culture and language. IFORAP acknowledges the importance of promoting sustainable local land development and resource management, shifting the entire responsibility from governments or external corporations to communities and individuals.

Providing pathways for working together toward a goal produces social capital and the acknowledgement of commonality. As the community gathers resources, it too accumulates knowledge and wisdom.

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Strengthening individuals and communities to build capacity by cultivating sustainable outcomes with dignity and ownership.

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