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By Prosper Baeni | April 19, 2023

This project in Adelaide Australia aims to support over 500 women and children from CaLD communities, who have experienced family and domestic violence.

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iforap drc crisis article

Humanitarian crisis in the Eastern Democratic of the Congo

By Prosper Baeni | March 12, 2023

This news item contains an article prepared by IFORAP on the crisis in Eastern DRC

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Cry of the people: Prosper Baeni on war and humanity in eastern Congo Soundcloud interview

Prosper Baeni SoundCloud interview

By Prosper Baeni | March 9, 2023

Our CEO Prosper Baeni was recently featured on Perth IndyMedia. The interview is available on Soundcloud.

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Umoja ni Nguvu Peace building and awareness Project

By Prosper Baeni | January 16, 2023

Article by Prosper Baeni from IFORAP who has recently visited the region.

The Umoja ni Nguvu Peace building and awareness project is a project that is born out of necessity taking into serious consideration the new conflicts that has broken out in the East of DR Congo.

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IFORAP Future Directions 2020 – 2023

By Prosper Baeni | October 27, 2020

At the core of the IFORAP Strategy 2020-2023 is a central focus on strengthening individuals and communities to build capacity by cultivating sustainable outcomes with dignity and ownership.

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“United we stand & divided we fall”

Promoting peace, reconciliation, empowerment and a sense of community for all people in Africa and the International community. IFORAP works to utilise the strengths, capacities and resources within communities as a means for sustainable development.

Our Story

The world needs a new vision, a new perspective on human rights, social justice and equal opportunity for all irrespective of their race, colour, beliefs and country of birth.

Founded in 2010, the International Forum of Reconciliation and Peace (IFORAP) was formed, based on the principle that success and opportunity for African Australians lie in the capacity to learn from past experiences and mistakes, focus on the future, and become positive contributors to their countries of settlement.  Our dream and beliefs are that any African Australian can reach their optimal level here in Australia, regardless of potential misinterpretations in the transitions of integration of African Australians to the rest of wider Australian community.  Sometimes African Australians are viewed as a problem with inadequate language skills and the cause of crime, with clashes of cultures and general widespread exclusion.  IFORAP is committed to change this and provide advocacy on behalf of all African Australians.

Our dream is to see African Australians become a significant contributor to economic and community development, multiculturalism and a successful and prosperous Australia.


Immigration & legal assistance

  • Assistance with all immigration visa applications
  • Family Laws
  • Other legal issues

Education & Vocational Training

  • Child care.
  • Day Care, IFORAP Family Day Care engage, support, resource and inspire Educators to work in collaboration with families ensuring each child reaches their full early childhood potential.
    In meeting our vision the service will act in a professional and respectful manner, valuing collaboration with all out stakeholders and respecting diversity.
    Our primary focus is and will always be the best interests of the child and in doing so we honour and respect the human right convention of the rights of the child.

    Vision Statement

    “A Brilliant Family Day Care where every child will feel safe and at the centre of education”.

  • Adult program that offer free English as a second language for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and new migrants.
  • Apprenticeship for young with potential.

Health & Nutrition

  • Ensure people have access to adequate and appropriate health care and nutrition that allows them to live a healthy life as refugees, Asylum seekers and new migrants
  • This program will run locally and internationally
  • Internationally will include working in partnership with other international agencies to achieve this goal!

Case Management

  • Increase our clients’ self-sufficiency.

Food Security & Livelihoods

  • To allow refugees and immigrants to find meaningful jobs in their area of Settlement
  • Food distribution in refugee camps
  • Medical assistance for displaced people

Protection & Community Services

  • Advocacy against domestic violence
  • Social justice
  • Youth Mentoring programs
  • Leadership program
  • Monitoring post – conflict communities and border crossing

Advocacy, human rights & Social justice

  • Advancing community cohesion
  • Promoting social cohesion
  • Engaging in dialogue
  • Respecting differences
  • Educating for peace

Shelter & Infrastructural

  • Temporary accommodation for displaced populations and refugees
  • Affordable Modern Housing for rural habitats

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Displaced population and the communities that host them
  • Refugee camps

Cross-Cultural Business Consulting

  • “Strengthening individuals and communities to build livelihood capacities by cultivating sustainable outcomes with dignity and ownership”

About the organisation



Strengthening individuals and communities to build capacity by cultivating sustainable outcomes with dignity and ownership.

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